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Flavor-Base - 10th Edition is Here

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Flavor-Base 10................ .. Juice-Master 2011
Beverage-Master 2011
VCF 2000 - Volatile Compounds in Foods
ESO 2006 - Essential oils
PMP 2001 - Perfumery Materials
PFC - Perfume & Fragrance Classification
FRM 2001 - Flavor Raw Materials
Odour Thresholds
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Flavor-Base - 10th Edition is Here NEW - A new version to the world's most extensive database on flavoring materials and food additives - Click HERE

Beverage-Master 2011 NEW - Get ready to develop new low calorie beverages with Rebaudioside A (Reb A) alone or in conjuction with other sweeteners. A new version with enhanced features for Excel 2007, 2010, 2013 & 2016.

Flavor & Fragrance Industry Leaders - See the Top Ten and their Sales Volume. View charts on market segments.
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  Olfaction - A Review in Progress
  Odor and Flavor Detection Thresholds
  Phytochemical & Ethnobotanical Search Page
  Search PubMed .... from our site
  Lycopene - An Ultimate Phytochemical Nutraceutical?
  Carotenoid Precursors of Aroma Constituents 
  Boronia - Aromas from Carotenoids
  Saffron - Aromas from Carotenoids
  Rose - Aromas from Carotenoids
  Osmanthus - Aromas from Carotenoids
  Tobacco - Aromas from Carotenoids
  Aldehydes - GRAS: Odor Properties and Molecular Visualization
  Alkenols: Odor Properties and Molecular Visualization
  Burnt Sugar Notes: Odor Properties and Molecular Visualization
  delta-Lactones - GRAS: Odor Properties and Molecular Visualization
  Esters - GRAS: Odor Properties and Molecular Visualization
  gamma-Lactones - GRAS: Odor Properties and Molecular Visualization
  Pyrazines - GRAS: Odor Properties and Molecular Visualization
  GC-MS analysis of hardwood smoke flavor.
  GC-MS analysis of Dark Fire-cured Tobacco

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Olfaction - A Review
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Phytochemical & Ethnobotanical Database Search... from our site

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Food Science / Law
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Guide to Data Science and Sustainability
The Analytics and Data Science Institute in the Graduate College at Kennesaw State University houses one of the country’s first Ph.D. programs in Analytics and Data Science with a focus on sustainability.

Olfaction - A Review

Chirality & Odour Perception - (now with over 1,424 enantiomers)

The FEMA Flavor Ingredient Library - FEMA has officially launched its online Flavor Ingredient Library, a free and easily accessible resource for researchers, the media and consumers seeking information on substances that are generally recognized as safe (GRAS) for use as flavor ingredients. All the FEMA GRAS lists are available for FREE.

Cool without Menthol & Cooler than Menthol and Cooling Compounds as Insect Repellents

IOFI Global (Flavourings) Reference List (GRL) - contains all FEMA, EU Flavis and JECFA materials.

IOFI Natural Complex (Flavourings) Substances (GRL) - contains all FEMA, FDA and COE materials.

Flavor Properties of FEMA GRAS List 26 flavor chemicals - New 2014

Flavor Properties of GRAS List 25 flavor chemicals - Updated August 13, 2011

Society of Flavor Chemists - Nov. 20, 2008 Presentations (Revised Jan. 20, 2009), on

New Cooling Compounds
and Odds & Trends in the F&F Industry

Nathalie Manser - Musique & Parfums

IOFI Update on Artificial Flavourings - February 27, 2007

Scents of Precious Woods

50 Years of Flavor Chemistry

Fragrance & Flavor – Art & Science

EPI SuiteTM - Free program for estimating LogP (LogKow), solubility, etc.

Cooling Compounds - Dr. Mark Erman's presentation to the Society of Flavor Chemists (December 2003)

Refractive Index-Dry Substance (RI-DS) Program - The Corn Refiners Association's RI-DS Program is an Excel-based program for IBM compatible personal computers which allows generation of tables relating dry substance and refractive index for corn syrups, high fructose corn syrup and blends of these products with sucrose.

Chirality & Bioactivity: Pharmacology - download as pdf file only

European Commision - Current status of "Flavourings"

Bo Jensen's Site with a wonderful guide to natural materials

Art & Parfum - from Roudnitska

International Centre for Aroma Trades Studies Diploma
Long Distance Diploma - Program Details

****** Featured Ingredient Sites******

Eternis - Aroma Chemicals

Elixens America (formerly Adrian)
Kao Corporation Aroma Chemicals
Sigma-Aldrich (now Millapore Sigma)
Emerald Kalama Chemical - Aroma & Fragrance
Axxence Aromatic GmbH
Aromor (Now IFF)
Moellhausen S.P.A.
Augustus Oils
Nippon Zeon
BASF Aroma Chemicals
Payan Bertrand
Bedoukian Research
Penta Manufacturing Company
Bell Flavors & Fragrances
PFW Ingredients Site
Berjé Inc.
Renessenz (now part of Symrise)
Robertet - Natural Chemicals and others
Citrus and Allied
Riverside Aromatics, Ltd.
Doingcom Chemical , Ltd.
Solvay/Rhodia - Perfumery & Flavor Specialties
Nactis / Synarome
Apiscent Labs
Frutarom (Now IFF)
Treatt plc
Ungerer & Company
George Uhe
Grau Aromatics
Vigon International
Givaudan's Fragrance Ingredient Site
Vioryl Ingredients
The IFF Ingredients Site
Lluch Essence
Inoue Perfumery
Shanghai M&U International

Ganpati Agri Business Private Limited
Menthol & related products

Thracian Oils Essential Oils from Bulgaria

Special Sites with F&F News, Links, other

Allured's -Perfumer & Flavorist
Musées de Grasse
osMoz - Perfume Site

Essential Oil University - an online essential oil database,
Essential oils and small scale distillation equipment

Norgwyn Montgomery Software - Flavor, Fragrance and Odor Simulator


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Flavor & Fragrance Companies ....................F&F Topics
(including F&F Chemical/Essential Oil suppliers)

Aceto Corporation
A.C.S. International - Flavor & Fragrance ingredients
Adams Extract Co.
Aditi Essentials - Ingredients (India)
Advanced Biotech
AFF Aromatics Pvt. Ltd. - India
AFI (Aromatic Fragrances International) - USA
African Bush Products - South Africa Essential oils & botanicals
Afriplex - Buchu, Rooibos extract
Agan Aroma & Fine Chemicals - Israel (Ingredients)
Agarwood Global Inc. - Vietnam ( Sustainable Agarwood)
Agilex Fragrances
Agnel Distillery - Now part of Biolandes
Agri-Flavors, Inc. - Flavorings for the animal feed industry
Agrumaria Corleone SpA - Italy
Airabella, LLC - Fragrances
Aisonschem - (Acroyali Holdings) Flavor & Fragrance chemicals
AKRAS Flavours AG
Aksu Essential Oils & Fragrances, Ltd. - Turkish essential oils
Albert Vieille, SA - France
Alchemy Aromatics
SAFC Flavors and Fragrances (Div. of Sigma-Aldrich)
Ali Brothers Perfumers - India - Attars,Essential Oils,Absolutes and Hydrosols
AL PA CA SA - Paraguay - Guaiac & Cabreuva oils
Alpha Aromatics
Alllured Hindfrag - India
A.M.Aromatic & Essential Oils
A . N . E . C . - France
AOS Products Private Limited - India, Menthol Crystals, Mint Oils, Peppermint Oils and Essential Oils
Auhui Huaye Chemical Co., Ltd. - Aroma chemicals
Anhui Primechem Co., Ltd. - Aroma chemicals
Anthea Aromatics Pvt. Ltd. - Speciality Fine Chemicals
Apogey - Ukraine - Flavours, Fragrances
Argeville, SA
Arizona Chemical Company
AromaLink - Contact Christine Daley for your F&F needs.
Arora Aromatics Pvt. Ltd. - India
Aromax - France
Aroma Praha s.a.
Aroma, S. A.
Aromco Ltd.
Aromor (Now part of IFF)
Aroma Tech - France
Aromatic Raw Materials of Pakistan
Aromatica s.a.s. - France
Aromaticos S.A. de C.V - Mexico
Art & Parfum
Arylessence Inc
Ascent Aromatics
Ashapura Aromas Private Limited / Anupam Industries - India
Asma Aromatics - India
Associate Allied Chemicals (India) Pvt. Ltd. - India
Astral Extracts Ltd
Astier Demarest - France
Atul Ltd - India
Augustus Oils
Auram Art & Perfume, S.L.
Australian Botanical Products Pty Ltd
Australian Essential Oil Company
Australian Food Ingredients Suppliers Pty. Ltd.
Avoca Inc. - Clary Sage Oil, Sclareol, Sclareolide, Ethyl Vanillan Glucoside, Custom extractions
Axxence Aromatic GmbH - Natural flavor chemicals
Azur Fragrances
Bahoma - London - Fragrances
Baiocco s.r.l. - Italy - Flavors
Bakto Flavors, LLC
Barosyl S.A. - France
BASF Aroma Chemicals
B D Aromatics Private Limited
Bhagat Impex Pvt Ltd
Bio-Botanica Inc
BioEssence Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. - China
Biolandes Arômes
Blue Pacific Flavors & Fragrances Inc
Beck Flavors
Bedoukian Research -access their catalog with aroma descriptions
Bell Flavors & Fragrances - USA
Bell Flavors & Fragrances - Europe
Belle Aire Creations
Benson Company - India
Berghausen Corporation
Berjé Inc.
Beverage House (Now Dohler)
BFA (Bioprocess Fragrances Arômes)
Bio Inter Industrial e Comercial Ltda. - Brazil
BMV Fragrances Pvt Ltd
Bontoux / Clos d'Aguzon
Borgwaldt - Germany
BI Nutraceuticals
BR Essentials Inc. - Intermed - Bulgarian Essenial oils
BRM Essential oils - India - Davana, Palmarosa, Citronella
Bronson & Jacobs
Brøste A/S - (Now azelis) Ingredeients, Smoke flavours, etc.
J C Buck, Ltd.
Bulk Apothecary
Busby Essential Oils (Pty.) Ltd. - South Africa, Eucalyptus oils
Byron Chemical Company, Inc.
Cadima-Pathé - France, Essential oils, spices
California Custom Fruits and Flavors, Inc.
J.H. Calo
I. P. Callison - Mint oils
Camden-Grey Essential Oils
Camphor & Allied Products Ltd.
Capua SRL - Italy
Carbonnel - Spain
Carlos Cramer Productos Aromáticos S.A.C.I. - Chile
Carmi Flavor & Fragrance Co.
Caribbean Flavors & Fragrances SA - Haiti (Essential oils)
Carrubba, Inc.
Carvansons Ltd
CEDAROME Canada, Inc. - Cedar leaf oil
C. E. Roeper
CG Herbals
Champon Vanilla, Inc.
Chang Shu Tang Shi Fine pharm-Chemical Factory - Aroma chemicals
Charabot - France
Charkit Chemical Corporation
Chemarome - Spain
Chemi-Com - Japanese site
Chevron Phillips Chemical Company - Mercaptans and disulfides
China Aroma Chemical Co.,Ltd.
Chinessence - Essential oils & Aroma chemicals
China Tuhsu Flavours & Fragrances Import & Export Corp. - Essential oils & Aromatic Chemicals
Chisso - Japan, F&F chemicals
Chunzhu Perfume Co. Ltd. - Natural & synthetic arom & flavor chemicals
CIC - CATHAY ISRAEL CHEMISTRY - Aroma Chemicals, Essential oils, Cooling Compounds, Extracts, etc.
CIECH SA - Poland
Cilione - Italy - Citrus and Bergamot oils
Cinquieme Sens - France
Citrasource - Florida USA
Citratus Argentina SRL
Citratus-Ibertech - Brazil
Citrofrut SA de CV - Mexico
Citroflor - Italy
Citrojugo S.A. de C.V. - Mexico
Citromax - Argentina
Citromax Essence Ltda. - Brazil
Citrosuco Paulista S.A. - Brazil
Citrus and Allied Essences, Ltd.
Citrus Oleo, Inc. - Citrus oils
Citrus Vita SpA - Italy
CKC Fragrances & Flavours P. Ltd.
Compagnie PARENTO Limited
A & E Connock
FD Copeland & Sons Ltd
Chemicals Incorporated - Natural alcohols & esters
Chunking Chemical - China, pyrazines, thiazoles, etc.
Colibri Scentique, LLC
Colloides Naturels International (Now Nexira)
Comax Flavors
Contexa SA - engineering and production of automatic compounding machines for flavors and fragrances
Cosmos Aromatica -Spain
Cosmo International Fragrances
Creative Accord, LLC - Creative & Analytical Services
Creative Concepts Corp.
Creative Flavours Fragrances (Now VK Aromatics International )
Creative Fragrances LTD
CPL Aromas plc
CTC Organics - for difficult to find flavor chemicals
Curt Georgi GmbH & Co.
Custom Essence, Inc.
Cvista - Folded citrus oils & essence oils, Natural ingredients from citrus, Apple essences
Daiho Perfumery Co., Ltd. - Japanese site
Dallant S.A.
Damascena - Bulgaria, Rose & Lavender oils
Danisco A/S.
Dannier Chemical - pyrazines, thiazoles, etc.
Darom AS - Lithuania
Dauper, s.a. - Flavours, Fragrances, Atmospheric Art, Essential oils
David Michael
D. D. Shah Essential Oil Co. - India
De Lange
De Monchy Aromatics Ltd
Didier Braillon Sarl - France
Destilaciones Bordas Chinchurreta
Destilerías Muñoz Galvez, s.a.
DHFF (Double Horse Flavor & Fragrance New Tech Co., Ltd)
Dierberger Oleos Essencias SA - Brazil
Diffusions Aromatiques - Essential oils, Danisco flavor chemicals
Disaromas Ltda - Columbia
Discopar SA - Switzerland
Diseños Aromáticos, S.A. de C.V. DISAROM - Mexico
DKS Aromatic - Italy - Flavours
Dzintars - Latvia
Doingcom Chemical , Ltd. - Essential oils, Terpene & other F&F Chemicals
drom Fragrances International
DSM Nutritionals
Duas Rodas Industrial - Brazil
Duellberg Konzentra GmbH & Co.
Eastern Agencies - India
Eastman Chemical Company
Ecom - Canada
Edlong Corporation
Elan Chemical Co., Inc.
Einar Willumsen - DK
Elixens America - Essential Oils
Elixarome Limited - UK
Emerald Performance Materials
Endeavour Speciality Chemicals Ltd- Thiols & other F&F Chemicals
Enio Bonchev Production Ltd. - Bulgaria, Rose & Lavender oils
Enjayes Spices & Chemical Oils Pvt Ltd.
Ennolys - formerly Safisis - Natural Flavor chemicals
Enrico Giotti S.p.A. - Italy, Natural flavors, Juice concentrates, Extracts
Epochem - Flavor & Fragrance chemicals
Eramex Aromatics GmbH
Erich Ziegler GmbH
(EVSA) Ernesto Ventós, S.A.
Esarom - Austria
eskage Schierholz - Germany
eskamint Schierholz - Germany
Elso Kimya San. ve Tic A.S. - Turkey
EPS Fragrances
Esperis S.p.a. - Italy
Essencefleur de México
Essential Oil University
The Essential Oil Company
Essential Srl - Italy
Eternis - Aroma Chemicals
Etosha Pan (India) Pvt. Ltd.
Eurofragance - Spain
European Flavours & Fragrances
Evolva - Sustainable F&F via biotechnology
Excellentia International
Extract de Guatemala - Essential oils
Farotti Essenze srl
FFC Aromas
Fine Fragrance Pvt. Ltd. - India
Fine Organics - India - Aroma Chemicals, Natural Menthol, Natural Essential Oils
Firmenich - Home Page
First Choice Ingredients
Flavaroma - India
Flavex Naturextrakte GmbH
Flavor Materials International
Flavormatic Industries, Inc.
Flavorcan - Canada
Flavorchem Corporation
Flavor Dynamics, Inc.
Flavor & Fragrance Specialties
Flavor Infusion
Flavor Inn Corporation Sdn Bhd - Malysia
Flavormatic Industries Inc.
Flavor Sciences, Inc.
Flavor Systems International
Flavour Art Srl - Italy
Fleurchem - has an extensive list of natural chemicals, essential oils, etc.
Floral concept - France - Natural raw materials
Florida Chemical Company, Inc.
Florida Worldwide Citrus
FONA International, Inc.
Fontarôme Chemical, Inc. (Now Apiscent Labs)- USA
Foreverest Resources Ltd. - China - gum rosin & derivatives, gum turpentine & derivative products and other pine chemicals
Frager - Division of Agri Supply CO S.A. - Worldwide leader in the production of Vetiver oil Haiti
Fragrance Resources
Fransflor Aromatizantes Ltda - Brazil
French Color & Fragrance
French-Korean Aromatics -Korea
Frey & Lau GmbH
Fritzsche SAICA - Argentina
Froma Kimya Ltd.Þti. - Turkey
Fromatech - Netherlands
Fruitaflor Z.A. - France
Fuerst Day Lawson Limited
Fuji Aromatic Co. Ltd. - Japanese site
Fuji Flavor Co., Ltd.
Fuji Foods - Savory Flavors
Sunny Rosin Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd. - China
General Aromatics, A.C.
George Uhe
Ginkgo Bioworks
Givaudan - Brazil
Givaudan's Fragrance Ingredient Site
Global Directions Inc. - The New Home of the Brugger System, Empowering The Formulation Industry For Over Fifteen Years
Global Essence, Inc.
Gogia Chemical Industries
GOLD COAST Ingredients, Inc.
Golden Future Flavours & Fragrances Co. Ltd.
Goldfield Fragrances Pvt. Ltd.
Gorlin & Co. Inc. - Essential oils & extracts
Grau Aromatics
Grisbill s.a. - Argentina
G.R. Davis Pty. Ltd. - Essential oils
GSB & Associates, Inc.
Guangzhou Baihua Flavours and Fragrances Co., Ltd.
Nanhai Zhongnan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. - Essential oils & Aromatics
Gulcicek Co. - Turkey
Gyan Flavours Export - India, Essential oils, Natural flavor chemicals
Haldin Natural
Chr. Hansen
T.Hasegawa Co., Ltd. - USA site
T.Hasegawa Co., Ltd. - Japanese site
Hangzhou Aroma Chemical Company - China
Hangzhou Westlake Flavors & Fragrances Factory
Hanmi Perfumery & Chemical Co., Ltd. - Korea
Hashem Brothers - Egypt
Helm AG
Herbochem Industries - Menthol & allied products
Hindustan Mint & Agro Products
Horizon Aromatics
Horner International
HuangYan Perfumery Factory - China - a full range of Cedarwood products
Hangzhou Aroma Chemical Company - Aromatic chemicals
Hangzhou Weihua Aroma Chemical., Inc. - Essential oils & Aromatic chemicals
Holland Aromatics B.V.
Huaboa International - leading Chines F&F company
Huber The Nose
Hunan Shineway Enterprise Co. Ltd.
Iberchem S.A
N.I. Ibrahim Co., "FLAVOGYPT"
ID aromatic sarl (Sambirano aromatic)
Ikeda Corporation - Japan
Illes Foods
Indesso - Indonesia
Indfrag Limited - India
Indian Aroma Exports - India
Indo World Trading Corporation - India - Botanical Extracts, Natural Essential Oils etc.
Indukern Flavor & Fragrance Ingredients
In-Lustrys Sarl - France, Essential oils
Innosol Fragrances - Industrial fragrances & flavors
Inoue Perfumery
International Aromatics - Egypt
International Flavors & Fragrances This is one of the industries best constructed sites. Follow the flavor or fragrance timelines to see what IFF has done in R&D since 1952. See the latest financials and download their annual report.
IPRA - France
J&E Sozio Inc. -Fragrances & Essential oils
Jaskulski Aromaty - Poland (in Polish)
Zhejiang Xinhua Chemical Co. - China
Jiaxing Buyun Fuxin Chemical Factory - China
Janousek Industriale Srl
Jiande Xinhua Chemical Co., Ltd. - Dihydromyrcenol, Pinane, Myrcene, Dihydromyrcene
Jiangxi Jiayuan Fragrance Co., Ltd - Fragrance ingredients - dihydromyrcenol, mycene, dihydromyrcene, pinane, ocimene, Allo-ocimene, tonalide, lyral
Jiangxi Zhangshu Crown Capital Fragrance Ltd - China, Cedarwood oil, Derivatives & Essential Oils, Chemicals
Jiangsu Grand Chem - Cooling agents (WS-3, WS-23 and more)
Jiangsu Green Source Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd - China - fragrance and flavor ingredients
Jindal Drugs Limited - Indias largest menthol producer
Jitian Aroma - China, Pyrazines, Thiazoles, Sulfides, etc.
Jogue, Inc.
JSC Soyuzsnab - Russia
Kallin International Ltd. - Hong Kong, Essential oils
Kao Corporation - Corporate Site
Kunshan Maxim Flavor & Fragrance Co., Ltd. - China, F&F Chemicals (including naturals)
Kunshan P&A Imp. & Exp. Trade Co. Ltd. - China
Kancor Flavours and Extracts Limited
Katyani Exports - India, Essential oils, Aromatic chemicals
Keith Harris - Now Bronson & Jacobs - Australia
Kelco (CP Kelco)
Kerry Ingredients
Khattri Perfumers (P) Ltd
KH Roberts - S.E. Asia
KIC Chemicals
Kobayashi Perfumery Co. Ltd.
Koei Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Kosev Ltd. _ Bulgaria - Essential oils and floral waters; Distillation equipment
Kuber Impex Limited - Certified Organic Herbs, Extracts & Spices; Essential oils, Aromatic oils & Oil Resins and more
Kuraray Co., Ltd.
Kunshan Sainty - Essential oils & Natural Aroma chemicals
Laboratorios Castells S.A. de C.V. - Mexico
Lansdowne Aromatics - UK - Ingredients
Laserson Chimie Fine - France
La Tour S.A. - Colombia
Lavender Ltd. - Bulgaria, Rose & Lavender oils
Liberty Natural Products, Inc. - over 850 quality botanical ingredients.
Lida Chemicals - China, Flavor chemicals
Lionel Hitchen (Essential Oils) Ltd
Litoral Citrus - Argentina
Lluch Essence
LongWei Flavor &Fragrance Co.,Ltd.
L.R. Composizioni Profumanti
Lucta SA
Louis Dreyfus Citrus S.A. - Brazil
Luzi AG - Switzerland
Lyons Magnus
M&U International - aromatic chemicals, food additives and essential oils
Mane Japan
Manus Bio
Maraschi & Quirici SPA - Italy
Maschmeijer Aromatics (India) Ltd
Matrix Flavours & Fragrances Sdn Bhd - Malaysia
Matsumoto Perfumery Co., Ltd. - Japanese site
McCormick Flavors
MCI Miritz Citrus
Meiko Co., Ltd.
Melchers - Now Sensient
Meroar S.A. - Argentina
Metarom - Chech Republic
Metarom - Spain
Metarom - Switzerland
MG Gulcicek - Turkey
Midori Kagaku Co., Ltd.
milkom inzenjering - Yugoslavia
Miltitz Aromatics GmbH - Germany - Aromatic Chemicals
M&N Flavour - Singapore
Misitano & Stracuzzi SpA - Italy, Citrus oils, Petitgrains, Neroli
Misha Exports
Moellhausen S.P.A.
Mohnish Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. - Pyrazines & other ingredients
Mon Absolu - Brazil
M O N O P R I X s.r.o. - Natural Flavor ingredients
Montana S.A. - Peru - Flavors, Natural Colors, Animal Nutrition
Moraya Global - India
Morimura Bros. SA - Japan
Mother Murphy's Laboratories
Mount Romance - Australia - Sandalwood oils (both Santalum spicatum and Santalum album)
Mutual Flavors
Mysore Deep Perfumery House - India
Nabateans Aromatic - Indonesia
NACTIS - Flavour & Fragrance ingredients
Nagaoka Perfumery Co., Ltd.
Nagaoka & Co., Ltd. - Japanese site
Nanda Medicinal Plants Exports - medicinal herbs & essential oils
Nanjing Far East Flavour and Fragrance Company Ltd
Nantong Menthol Factory
NATEX - Super Critical CO2 Fluid Extraction
National Flavors
Natra S.A.
Natural Advantage - natural food and flavor ingredients
Nav Bharat Impex - Indian menthol, peppermint, spearmint
Neeru Enterprises - India
Nemat Enterprises
Newport Flavours and Fragrances
Nielsen-Massey Vanillas, Inc.
Nishanth Natural Fragrance Pvt. Ltd. - Essential oils
Nippon Flavour Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Nippon Koryo Yakuhin Kaisha, Ltd.
Nippon Terpene Chemicals, Inc.
Nippon Zeon's Specialty Chemicals Division
Norscent Fragrâncias e Aromas - Brazil
Norwest Ingredients - natural mint oils and fruit extracts
Northwest Aromatics - Nootka Tree Wood Oil & Giant Arborvitae Wood Oil
Novarom - Argentina
O. Berk Company - New Jersey - Aluminum Bottles
Ogawa & Co., Ltd.
Organica Aromatics Pvt Ltd. - India
Oriental Aromatics Limited
Oriental Menthol Industry Ltd. - Japanese site
OROR Flavours & Chemicals - India
Oosaka-Koryo Corporation - Japanese site
OSF Flavors
Ottens Flavors - (Now part of IFF)
P2 Science Inc.
Pan American Fragrances
Parkim Perfume, Plastics and Chemical Inustry Co. Ltd. - Turkey
PA Aromatics Srl - Italy
Padmini Aromatics - India - aroma chemicals, primarily of the Sandalwood and amber varieties
Prakash Chemicals
Payand & Bertrand - France
PearlChem Corp.
Penta Manufacturing Company
Perfumery Solutions LLC - UAE
PFW Ingredients Site
Phoenix Aromas & Essential Oils, Inc.
Phoenix Fragrances - UK
Pine Forest - China, Terpene products
Plungis Flavors & Fragrances, Inc. - Aroma and Flavor Ingredient Supplier
PMC Specialties Group
Pollena Aroma
P.P. Sheth & Co. - India
Premier Specialties Inc.
Pressure Chemical
Privi Organics Ltd. - Aroma Chemicals
Provence Naturals (CENSO) - France - Lavender and Lavandin
Pureworld Botanicals - formerly Madis Botanicals, now Naturex
PURIS Natural Aroma Chemicals - Buchu oil, Buchu isolates, Citrus isolates including Grapefruit mercaptan
Puritta, Óleos Essenciais - Indústria e Comércio Ltda. - Brazil
Purong Essences Mfg.Co., Ltd. - China
Pyrazine Specialties - for Pyrazines, Quinoxalines, Pyridines, Thiazoles
Qarôma - leading manufacturer of WS-23, WS-3 and more
Quorum Fragrâncias - Brazil
Rakesh Sandal Industries Pvt. Ltd.
RAI Ingredients - Brazil
R. C. Treatt & Co., Ltd.
R.D. Campbell & Co. - Essential oils & extracts
Red Arrow Products Company
Reincke & Fichtner GmbH - Aroma chemicals & essential oils
Renessenz - See Symrise
Riverside Aromatics, Ltd. - Pyrazines, thiazoles, lactones, naturals, essential oils, etc.
Robinson Brothers Limited - Aroma & Specialty Chemicals
Robertet (France)
RosCosmetic Ltd. - Ukraine - Fragrances & Flavors
Rudolf Wild GmbH & Co. KG
Sabores y Fragancias S.A.
Sabinsa Corporation - Phytonutrients, herbal extracts, specialty fine chemicals
Sachee Aromatics Ltd
Sakae Aromatic Co., Ltd.
San-Ei Gen F.F.I., Inc.
San Miguel - Argentina, Lemon oil
Santanol - Australia - Indian Sandalwood plantations & products
Santis Sarl - Morroco, Essential oils
Saporiti SA - Argentina
PT. SARANA BELA NUSA - Indonesia, Essential Oils
Sigma-Aldrich (now Millapore Sigma)
Scandia Inc. - Citrus Oils / Folded / Essences and Fractions
Sebat Ticaret - Turkish Rose Oil producer
Seema International - Menthol, Essential oils, etc.
Seluz Fragrance Company - Turkey
Sensient Technologies
Shanghai M&U International Trade Co., Ltd - aromatic & essential oils
Shanghai Wanxiang Flavors and Fragrances Co., Ltd.
Sinospice - Spices & dehydrated vegetables
Shank's Extracts, Inc.
Sharp Global (Menthol)
Shiono Koryo Kaisha, Ltd. - Japanese Site
Shonan Flavors, Inc.
Showa Nogei
S. K. Flavours & Fragrances - India
SILESIA Gerhard Hanke GmbH & Co. KG
Silvestris & Szilas
Silverline Chemicals - India, Menthol, Essential oils, Aromatic chemicals
Soda Aromatic Co.
Solutex - F&F Chemical/Essential Oil supplier, CO2 -Supercritical Extraction
Solvay - Rhodia - Flavor & Fragrance ingredients
Sonarome Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.
Sovimpex - France - Essential oils
Spicetec - ConAgra Food Ingredients
SRS Aromatics Ltd
S&S Flavors
S S N Impex - Flowers, Concretes & Spices
Star Kay White - Chocolate Extract & other flavors
Stryka Botanics Co., Inc. - Botanicals, herbs, extracts & vitamins
Sucocítrico Cutrale Ltda. - Brazil
Sunaux International - Aromatics & Essential oils, Natural Aroma Chemicals, Heterocyclics
Sunkist Growers
Sunimpex - Flavors, Colors, Spices, Juices, Nuts & more
Surajbala Exports Pvt. Ltd. - India
Swati Menthol & Allied Chemicals Ltd.
Swiss Arabian Perfumes
Synaco - Belgium, Essential oils & Natural aroma chemicals
Synarome (now a part of Nactis)
Synergie Ingredients
Synergy Flavours
Senomyx Inc. - Taste enhancers via taste receptor-based assay systems
Taiyo Corporation
Taiwan Fine Chemicals Co. Ltd.
Taiwan Tekho Camphor
Takasago International - Japanese site
Takasago International - USA site
Takata Koryo Co., Ltd - Japanese site
Target Flavors, Inc.
Taste Flavour Creators - Belgium
TasteTech Ltd - UK
Taytonn Pte Ltd - Aroma Chemicals & Essential oils (Singapore)
Technico Flor
TFS Corporation - Australia - Indian Sandalwood plantations & products
Teck Soon Hong (Zhuhai) Flavours & Fragrances Ltd. - China
The Good Scents Company Home Page - information on Perfume and flavor raw material specifications and descriptions.
The Lermond Company
Tianjin Chunfa Bio-Technology Group - China
YingHai (China) Aroma Chemical Group - Flavor & Fragrance Chemicals
Thai - China Flavours and Fragrances Industry Co., Ltd.
Thracian Oils High-grade Essential Oils from Bulgaria
Tien Yuan Chemical Pte Ltd - Singapore
TOKU-E - ultrapure antimicrobials and fine chemicals for use in life science research
Toona Essential Oils Pty. Ltd.
Toyo Gosei Co., Ltd.
Toyotama Koryo Ltd. - Japanese site
Toyotama Koryo Ltd. - English site
T.W.T. Trans World Trading S.n.c. - France
Tramaico Company Ltd. - Thailand
Treatt PLC
Treatt USA
Turkish Oregano Company - Origanum oil
UBE Industries Ltd.
Ultra International, Ltd. - India
Ungerer & Company
Van Aroma - Indonesia
Vanwyk Systems - automatic dispensing systems for compounding flavors and fragrances
Variati Srl - Italy
Vee Kay International - India, Menthol, Natural chemiccals & Essential oils
Velsicol Chemical Corp.
Venkatramna Industries - India
Ventós - Spain
Vinayak Corporation - Menthol, F&F Chemical and Essential oils
Vicente Trapani S A - Argentine Lemon oil
Vigon International
VK Aromatics International - Singapore
Vioryl S.A.
Virat Exports Pvt. Ltd. - India, - Menthol, F&F Chemical and Essential oils
Virginia Dare Flavors
Joh. Vögele KG. - Germany
Vossen & Co S.A./N.V. - Belgium, Organic Essential oils
Waknine & Berezovsky Co. Ltd - Israel
Wambesco GmbH
WEN International Inc. - Natural flavor chemicals
Edgar A. Weber & Co.
Wild Flavors
Wuzhou Pine Chemicals Ltd. - China
Wynn Starr Flavors
Xiamen Doingcom Chemical
Xiamen Peony Perfume & Chemicals Industry Company, Ltd. - China
Yamamoto Perfumery Co., Ltd. - Japanese site
Yancheng Huade Biochemistry Industry Co.,Ltd - China, Lactic acid
Yasuhara Chemical Co. - Terpenes
Yokoyama Koryo Ltd. - Japanese site
Yunnan Native Produce Import and Export Corporation - China
Zaphir Contemporary - Spain
Crown Capital Fragrance Limited - China, Essential oils & F&F Chemicals
Zhaoqing Perfumery Co., Ltd - Maltol, Ethyl maltol

Fragrance Consulting & Fragrance Regulatory Consultants

Orchadia - services for fragrance development, briefing and branding, training, trouble shooting and technical support
Intuiscent - Helen Feygin's company which specializes in development of winning fragrances

Flavor & Fragrance Digitization & Bioinformatics Sites...F&F Topics

Aromaimage - Sensory Fragrance Branding
aerome Scent Technology GmbH
AromaMarkeing - Mexico
AromaSys, Inc. - Environmental Aroma Systems
BioMist AromaSys Ltda. - Brazil
Dale Air - Aroma by design
OlfaCom , Inc. - OlfaCom is a device designed by A.C.2.i which allows its user to diffuse aromas and fragrances by means of removable cartridges. Among other uses, Guerlain has developed a multimedia terminal using the OlfaCom system.
Prolitec AirQ - ambient scenting and olfactory marketing
ScentAir Technologies
DVK - Olfactory Enhancement of Indoor Air

Marketing Consultants...F&F Topics

Colin Hession Consulting - Cosmetics

Market studies from Zanos Ltd and FaberFaber Partnership

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