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Mission Statement About Information Updates


Recently we have updated our personal computer databases of Flavour (Raw) Materials (FRM), Perfumery Materials & Performance (PMP) and Perfumes & Fragrances Classification (PFC). We have received a lot of positive reactions from our hundreds of customers all over the world. We would like to summarise these reactions and tell you the specific strength of each database. Moreover, we have received various suggestions to evaluate the knowledge gathered in our databases and to publish new trends in the flavour and fragrance field. Therefore, in future we will keep you up-to-date about developments in the flavour and fragrance chemistry, application and industry.


First of all, a brief overview of our recently updated databases.

The new Flavour (Raw) Materials database "FRM 2001" now contains information about more than 5,500 flavour materials, including all GRAS lists materials, about 1,400 materials from natural sources, and circa 450 suppliers. The specific strength of this database is that it gives for each material at least one supplier and that it indicates whether the material occurs in foods or drinks.

The new Perfumery Materials & Performance database "PMP 2001" contains chemical identities, odour description, performance and application of about 4,200 perfumery materials, divided into circa 3,600 aroma chemicals and circa 600 natural isolates. Apart from over 3,200 commercial names and synonyms with their suppliers, the database gives a record of the stability of each product in 21 endproducts, and in water of pH: 1-12. Especially the latter information is appreciated a lot.

The most recently updated database of Perfumes & Fragrances Classification (PFC 2002) now contains over 5,200 original extrait perfumes, toilet waters, after shaves and eau de colognes. The most interesting aspect of this database is the qualitative (and semi-quantitative) indication of the composition of over 3,500 perfumes and fragrances.

Needless to say that the 2001 Top 10 world's leading flavour and fragrances companies are our customers. At least one of our databases is consulted by our customers every day. Moreover, we have strengthened our position by starting a business partnership with our excellent colleagues Leffingwell & Associates in the United States.

In recent months we have received a lot of reactions and suggestions from our customers. We would like to inform you a bit more about this response. First of all, our databases are appreciated because they are easy to run and user-friendly. Secondly, their contents are appreciated a lot and can be searched and printed in various ways. Finally, the databases are real value for money and save our clients a lot of time (= money). As a consequence many customers suggested us that, having collected so much data and knowledge, we should inform them more about the trends and the future of developments in the flavour and fragrance fields.

For the updates of all our databases, including Volatile Compounds in Food (VCF 2000) and Analyses of Essential Oils (ESO 2000), we have to study and analyse hundreds of publications every year. Moreover, we are receiving the latest catalogues of most of the world's flavour & fragrance materials and fine chemicals suppliers.


Because of the knowledge gathered and the commercial success of our new FRM, PMP and PFC databases, we will inform you in the future about the trends in the flavour and fragrance field, such as: search for new aroma chemicals, studies about sensory properties, structure-activity relationships, biochemical and thermal flavour-formation, physiological properties of odoriferous materials, substantivities of aroma chemicals etc. Thus, keep in contact with us, we will inform you for your own benefit.

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