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During the last two decades a series of publications about the production of essential oils and other volatile natural isolates have appeared. The production methods for volatile natural products have improved significantly in recent years, especially since the introduction of continuous processes.

The main aspects of the production of essential oils are the preparation of the plantmaterial, the isolation methods, the yields and economics, and the quality control. The preparation of the plantmaterial may concern harvesting, threshing, drying, grinding, chipping, hydrolysis and fermentative conversion.

Volatile natural isolates, including essential oils, are manufactured by expression, by distillation or by extraction. Citrus oils, for instance, can be produced by expression, such as the Italian pellatrice and sfumatrice methods, the American Brown oil extractor, and the FMC apparatus. For the production of, for example, leaf, seed and flower oils steamdistillation, hydrodistillation and hydrodiffusion are applied. Other natural isolates are obtained by solvent extraction or by supercritical fluid carbondioxide extraction.

Some important publications are shown below. Summaries of these publications are available from BACIS.

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