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One could ask many questions about the various kinds of perfumery and the different types of perfumes. A short overview of some aspects of perfumery will be given below.


Perfumery can be divided into the various kinds of perfumery and subdivided into the different types of perfumes or perfume compounds with respect to their applications.

Alcoholic perfumery
The different types of alcoholic perfumes are:

(see: The Perfume Handbook, Nigel Groom, Second Ed. 1997, Chapman & Hall, London)

Cosmetic perfumery
Some types of cosmetic perfumes are applied in:


Concentration of Perfume Oil in %

body care products (e.g. cremes and lotions)

0.5 - 2

hair care products (e.g. shampoos)

0.5 - 2

deodorant (e.g. body)

0.5 - 1

Functional perfumery
Functional perfumes are, for instance, applied in:


Concentration of Perfume Oil in %


1 - 2


0.1 - 0.5



bath(ing) products


household products
(toilet, tile and carpet cleaners)

0.2 - 0.5

Technical perfumery
These products can be used, for instance, as odourant for gas (methane) or plastics. The concentration is often lower than 0.1% (even down to ppm level).

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