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BACIS receives many questions about the analysis of volatile compounds in mixtures such as flavours, fragrances and essential oils. Most of these questions concern references regarding the analysis by gaschromatography and mass-spectroscopy. Therefore it seems worthwhile to review some information about these analyses.

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Sadtler Research Laboratories, The Sadtler Standard Gas Chromatography Retention Index Library, Philadelphia (1986). Bio-Rad Laboratories, Sadtler Division, 3316 Spring Garden Street, Philadelphia PA 19104-2596 U.S.A.

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R.P. Adams, Identification of Essential Oil Components by Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectroscopy (1995), Allured Publishing, 362 South Schmale Road, Carol Stream, IL 60188-2787, USA.

Boelens Aroma Chemical Information Service (BACIS), The Complete Database of Essential Oils; Retention Indices on various Gas Chromatography Columns (update 2006) is available from Leffingwell & Associates

Addresses for Commercial Flavour and Fragrance Analysis by mass-spectrometry and/or gaschromatography:

Alford Consulting Inc., 3524 Hughes Road, Louisville, KY 40207-4332, USA. Fax 502 8935558.

Krueger Food Laboratories, Inc. 24 Blackston St. Cambridge, MA 02139, USA. Fax 617 8760572.

Dr. Georg B. Neurath, Boetelkamp 35, D-22529, Hamburg, Germany. Fax + 49 40 5602838.

TNO Nutrition and Food Research Institute, P.O. Box 360, 3700 AJ ZEIST, The Netherlands.

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